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CAUS students bring "New Realities" to The Cube at Moss Arts Center

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Category: academics Video duration: CAUS students bring "New Realities" to The Cube at Moss Arts Center
Students in Aki Ishida's thesis class displayed their works at The Cube to present new ideas on how architecture could look in the future.  Using 360 degree animations on the Cyclorama, and projection mapped models, students were able to showcase architectural designs through not so traditional means.
We're showing our exhibition called new realities, reenvisioning everyday architecture, which is our thesis, groups work. So we're displaying the progress that we've made, on our architectural theses. And are showing it off using the Cyclorama and digitally projection mapped models. My thesis is looking at suburbs and how the suburbs could be any kind of re-imagined to be something.. include more destinations within walking distance of the home in typical suburban neighborhoods. And how we can use the existing suburban neighborhood to kind of become this, this space that's like more engaging. We had tutorials in animation and projection mapping software. And they learn them fairly quickly. We introduced them to some of the basic commands, basic capabilities, and the projects really took off. I think we were able to introduce them to advanced cutting edge technologies that are available here that would expand their understanding of architecture and how they might design spaces without limitation. Or just a two-dimensional drawings or even three-dimensional models. So having this immersive environment in which they can explore sound and multiple census was extremely valuable. It's definitely a lot of challenges. There was a lot of learning, learning new softwares, like learning how the space works, the mapping of the project, the models, and using the Cyclorama being 360 degrees. The best part has been able to be like today, actually getting to see it and getting to like show it off to our peers and things like that, having people come in. So today has been really exciting to see all the work finally come together. I'm really happy with that outcome. I think they exceeded their own expectations of what they were capable of doing in such a short period.