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Windows into Traditional World Dress

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Fashion Merchandising and Design students work with clothing artifacts from the Oris Glisson Historic Costume and Textile Collection as part of a Clothing and People class project to create a window display exhibiting traditional garments from Japan, China, and Korea. Led by assistant professor and director of the collection, Dina Smith-Glaviana, the students mount garments on forms, giving them dimension using various form pieces such as shoulder and bust pads, and arms. In addition to dressing forms, vintage kimonos are hung on wooden dowels and arranged in the main window to create an eye-catching display.

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That my students today together some displays of World Dress, representative of garments, traditional garb, It's mainly from other countries. Particularly ones we're displaying our Japanese tomatoes, Japanese robe at Chinese robes, what is a modernized Chinese and Korean dress? My students are hanging to competitors on dowel rods to display the beautiful colors and prints that are traditional to Japan and Japanese kimono. Here, also mounting them properly on forums by adding little arm pads and arms that's dimensionalizing the garments, bring them to life a little bit more. And placing them in the windows according to what looks best as far as presentation.