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Engineering lab offers undergraduates hands-on experience

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Category: academics Video duration: Engineering lab offers undergraduates hands-on experience
The Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory, a research and educational facility dedicated to the understanding of structures and materials, serves as an instructional center for undergraduate and graduate level students.
Just really like the aerospace structures and materials lab does, the focal point of most of the testing that happens in the aerospace structures groups. Where do you think it should fail? If you have something like this? Where would you expect the stress to build up the most? So what we're doing in these tests is characterizing, are quantifying properties of having the people. So we have, we have different material parameters like Young's modulus, tensile strength, compressive strength, fracture toughness, impact energy. So what we're doing each of these experiments is identify those material properties. And ideally you like you measured three times. Actually you have an average standard deviation. The group of students we just spoke to today, they were undergraduate students from a course called experimental methods, just designed to give undergraduate students and experience in hands-on work. So the entire semester, they go to different labs across different departments, the structures department, the aerodynamics department, the controls department, and so on. And they get sort of like a hands-on feel of how theoretical stuff they learn in courses translates to the practical world through these expanded this, this equipment, particularly this lab, is very well equipped. Equipment we have is at par with what's being used out there in industries. And that is a tremendous experience to have the undergraduate level. Not many colleges offer this sort of deep experience. So when the students go out in the real world and start a job somewhere there, most likely familiar with the things that they're doing over there. And as a whole, I think that's a tremendous experience for the student, but then also very good for the university and that it prepares students for the outside world. You want to study, you eating.