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Hokie Ambassadors add personal touch to campus tours

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Hokie Ambassador Nick Cox, a senior majoring in Marketing Management, began working for Admissions his freshman year and as he continued learning about the university, he realized leading campus tours would allow him to share his knowledge with prospective students and their families.
My name is Nick Cox and I will be your tour guide today as we are walking around campus, I'm going to be trying to walk backwards and talk to you all at the same time. So if at any point I am walking backwards and I'm about to run into a tree, fall into a bush, or hit a wall, please let me know if I have fallen ones the summer, but that will not happen again. With our tours, I think not only can they expect a good presentation from our admissions counselors themselves, but also they can expect more of a one-on-one feel. We try to have multiple Hokie investors drought or tours, so the group isn't huge. I'd like to have it more of a conversation than just a torque. A lot of the times parents have questions, they want specific questions ask that we might knock over. So having the tours more of a conversation than just a presentation, that's one of my favorite parts about our tours. I am going to be a senior in the fall, my majoring in marketing management and the PAMP and College of Business. I worked for admissions when I was a freshman. Then as I continue learning about the university working at the front, as I realized that I could share the knowledge that I had with families joining and shed the light on why I love the university. So that's why I became a look investor. At the end. They always ask me know why I chose Virginia Tech over other universities. Biggest reason I like to give them is when I first came on my first tour, my sister's friend, who is a also a Hokie ambassador at the time, took me around campus. And the university is itself really doesn't feel like a college town, but feels more like a home. So when I was walking around campus, there was even a student that walked up to one of the elderly ladies on my door and asked if she needed an umbrella. And that really to me kind of exemplified the Hokie way and the Hokie community.