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Assemble A Pet Preparedness Kit

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Join Trent Davis, Ph.D., licensed professional counselor and coordinator for animal-assisted therapy at Virginia Tech, as he breaks down what's in Derek's emergency preparedness kit. 

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If you ever get stuck or caught in an emergency, and it's also great for travel. So the first and most important is a jug of water, and a bowl for the water. Then we have his food bowl. And then we have enough food for a couple days. And his scoop, so I give him the right amount. And that's a portable travel bowl. I have Derek's records, this includes his rabies and vaccination records, the name and contact info of his veterinarian. In case we get separated, identification that has both of our pictures on it in case he gets lost. I have poop bags. You can never have too many of those. And most importantly, we've got two toys for Derek: a chew bone and a little squeaky toy. There you go!