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Innovation Campus gets $50M boost to diversify campus

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Category: academics Video duration: Innovation Campus gets $50M boost to diversify campus
Boeing invests $50 million in Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus. The May 4 announcement from Boeing’s Arlington campus helps jump-start the university’s efforts to create the most diverse graduate campus in the the United States.
Today is another huge milestone. Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company, gives Virginia Tech $50 million to help build and diversify its innovation campus in Northern Virginia. "We're just so excited to be in this position to celebrate, the partnership. It's the beginning of a lot of new energy and excitement going forward." Boeing's commitment, announced that the company's Arlington location Tuesday, is an investment in the campus, the DC region and the world. Boeing CEO and Virginia Tech alumnus David Calhoun explains. "In the Boeing Company, we get together once or twice a week and we talk about our biggest need. And it's this, it's talent in these fields. All things STEM and specifically data science, data engineering, and the application of those skills in world that wants to explode right in front of us. And I mean, explode in a great way. In an absolutely great way. The investment will support Virginia Tech's vision to diversify the talent in high-tech fields, working to solve the world's most pressing problems. "This gift is going to accelerate what we're able to do and allow us to get things started today that we were thinking we would get started in a couple of years." Construction on Virginia Tech's Innovation Campus will begin this fall."