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Students organize HokiePRIDE community mural event

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In response to recent headlines around hate speech shared on campus, students and community members contributed to a mural that focuses on the spirit of Ut Prosim and what being a Hokie really stands for. 
Before we are in the Virginia Tech armory building and the students have decided to organize a mirror. This is in response to some headlines last week that were around some hate speech being shared on campus. So the students really wanted to use their voice isn't a very productive manner. Reminded me back when I had my first semester here with Mitch Miller. And he introduced me to this idea that we put up a big piece of paper on the wall. Then we just let our emotions out on it and we build off of one another's ideas. And I remember that in that moment, it was very inspiring for me to do that assignment. Fast forward to now, I decided to raise my own voice and organize this event using something that I knew would gain of positive feedback. This is who Virginia Tech students are. This is what our problem is. So they're doing this as a way to use some of those energies that we get when we're feeling hurt, when we're feeling disappointed in our fellow peers of this great creative outlet. I think WHO keys are carrying? I think that WHO keys are proud, cookies are driven for good. And I think that that is really what we see here today.