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Cherished oak tree provides a learning opportunity

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Category: academics Video duration: Cherished oak tree provides a learning opportunity
Students from the College of Natural Resources and Environment met with University Arborist Jamie King and Geoff Manning of Manning Arboriculture to learn about the care that has been prescribed to preserve the Alwood Oak near Burruss Hall.
So this is the all wood. It's a very special tree here at Virginia Tech. It's a burrow and it's approximately a 125 years old. This tree requires a little extra help through their arbor culture practices that we were able to determine the needs of this tree to help preserve it for for our children and our children's children. The campus here at Virginia Tech as a Living Learning Lab. The trees we have on campus here, we are able to use to teach students who are studying the profession and I practice and they can come out of the classroom and actually see practitioners in the arbor culture field performing the practices then we've prescribed for this tree. Our industry is typically looked over as a career path for students. I know it was for me, I was going to go forestry in the Forest Service and all that. I just got lucky and found this. And so I want to share that with students at one. This is a career. It's a fun career, that's a challenging career, but it's also readily available for when they graduate. They're not bound by what they thought of when they first went to school.