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Presidents Pickleball match showcases the new Rec Sports Field House

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Video duration: Presidents Pickleball match showcases the new Rec Sports Field House
Tracy Vosburgh, Senior Associate Vice President for University Relations, challenged President Tim Sands and Frank Shushok, Vice President for Student Affairs, to a game of Pickleball at the newly built Rec Sports Field House.
Treat the Rothberg, gets challenged, credit, Dan and brink. Q SAT, do I pick a ball game? Livable ID, a little combination of table tennis and then real pen. If you're using a paddle and central racket, the ball is like a whip a ball. And some animals are very similar to Tennessee, where you can play with singles or doubles. The goal is getting it across the net there all kinds of rules to it. Frank Scott, a competitive streak that really came out. He, he tried to, I don't know, is there a flash point and pickle ball, but he certainly tried to. Four will not be a big, a big match. I worked really hard to get here today. The president, I could tell he was a little intimidated, but he ended up winning. And I think that's really good for jobs. We're excited at the opportunity for us to show all of them are new faith. It's great to be able to play pickle ball here in the field house. We put this up to stem the tide. Well, we renovate war memorial, what we're calling the Wellness Project. And as you can see, tons of students, faculty and staff are enjoying taking care of themselves and getting out even during a tough time like covert Nike was great fun to get some exercise point pickle ball for the first time. It's one of the things we can do safely in a pandemic, in a really wonderful to have this incredible Feel House available for a while or hockey is a whirlpool energy and get some exercise. Her eye, especially hearing TO bed to be able to time big spaces that we can have a lot of people and have them opportunities and faith safely. Then a huge asset.