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The Army experience lands on Virginia Tech's campus

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The North Carolina National Guard 1-130 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, landed 2 AH-64 Apache helicopters on the grounds of Virginia Tech for the Corp of Cadets annual branch orientation day.  The experience gives cadets a close up view of real military hardware, as well as insight on future career paths.
The North Carolina National Guard aviation unit, flew out here to support us in honor of Veterans Day and also as part of our annual branch orientation day that we have for our cadets can do question and answer sessions with a different branches. Of course, the Apaches out in the field represent the Army Aviation branch and we have a lot of cadets were interested in army aviation. This is super exciting experience for our cadets, they get to really see that the active duty Army, and in this case actually the National Guard. In their midst with a real, you know, one of the major pieces of army equipment coming in here right into the middle of the drill field here at Virginia Tech. I actually think it's really cool that even though amongst Covid and all that stuff, we could still have some fun activities. Having the National Guard compliant with the Apache helicopter in the middle of my day, you know, definitely a highlight. I think that doing stuff like this in person really gives someone a feel for what they might be interested in, be appreciated. And I also get a better look at the people who actually do it. I respect the technology and everything else they do.