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Student cares for wildlife from home to serve her community

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Fourth year student Hannaleah Hoyt is taking her work home with her, thanks to an emergency order that was recently passed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Working for the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke, Hannaleah is now able to care for her furry "patients."
[00:00:07] >> This is your average 5 to 6 week old squirrel, and he gets fed 3 times a day and they can eat 8 to 10 cc 's of milk at a time. It gives me a sense of purpose right now, something that fills my time but I feel good about that I feel like I'm still helping the communities and populations of wildlife in the area. [00:00:34] We were mainly studying the culture and history of Ireland. The chaos, long lines, people were sitting on the ground like asleep waiting to go through customs like everything was just a standstill or packed full of people. I'm a permitted wildlife rehabber, and my boss she's the director of the center, so when this rule was passed she asked if I would be willing to take some and my mom went and picked them up for me since I can't leave. [00:01:31] We're currently in the middle of our baby season so we're short staffed, I can't be there because I'm in quarantine so for me having these guys has made me feel better that I'm still able to help the center. That I kind of got the best of both worlds.