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Students share origami crafts to do at home

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Looking for some ways to be creative while you’re at home? Learn how to make an origami football with Philip Lopez, a member of the Virginia Tech Origami Club, who provided this video tutorial.
[00:00:00] >> Hello everybody, welcome to this video. I'm glad you can make it today. Today we'll be learning how to make the paper football. The paper football is a very simple model that's been around for very long time, but it's also a very fun toy. Hopefully you'll have a good time in your homes playing some paper football. [00:00:14] So with that let's begin. Alright, welcome back now it is time to begin the model. For this model we can either use notebook paper or we can use printer paper. I suggest using notebook paper just because it's a little bit thinner and it makes the paper football a bit easier to fold at the end. [00:00:45] So I'm going to use notebook paper but if you want to use printer paper go for it. So I'll set that aside for now. With that all said and done, let's begin. We're going to start the holes on the bottom of our notebook paper, or printer paper, it doesn't really matter. [00:00:58] So for our first step I want to take this top edge here and fold it down to bottom edge, hot dog style. Just like this. You've probably done this fold many times. Fold this top part down. Good solid crease right here, my pinky nail gets that. This. Now we're going to our second step, we're going take this top edge and we'll fold it down one more time. [00:01:22] Fold it in half one more time. Go down beneath the bottom edge, just like this. Perfect. So now we have this nice flat part right here. For our next step take this edge here, this right side, and fold it Across so that it meets the left side. Crease really hard right here, with our fingernail right there. [00:01:56] Now we're going to unfold this. So you will have a crease line right here. I drew this line in the middle so you can see a little better. Now for the next step, we're going to take this edge here and fold it down so it meets this middle line, kind of like a paper airplane fold. [00:02:12] We're going to take this edge and fold it down so it meets the line we just made. We're going to crease just like that. So now we should have this little "L" shape. "L" shape. And now, with that being made, we're going to fold, the crease should already be there, we're going to fold up Just like this. [00:02:33] We're going to push that down a little more and that should be on the crease we already made. Now what want we to do. we want to take this excess part here and then fold it behind, so the way we can do that is you take this part here and fold it down, all the way down to this side so of all that excess part should go down just like this. [00:02:54] Crease that back over, all of this part has gone away. Crease that a little more, just like this. Now flip that back over, we take this excess part thats hanging over this edge We're going to fold this part here over just like this. Crease just like that, right here. [00:03:13] Now with this crease being made what we want to do, we have this little pocket right here. A pocket just right here. You want to do is take this edge and tuck it into that pocket. On this crease that you already made right there. Fold and tuck it into the pocket just like that and flatten even more. [00:03:33] Now we're almost there. This is what it should look like at this point. Now for our next step What we're going to do is take this top part here, this entire top part, and fold it down along this line here. So now we should have this line right here where this part is and this part is. [00:03:57] This top part down along that edge. Just like this. Crease along it really hard. With your fingernail a little bit. So now you have this. Flip it over, just like this. And this excess part we're going to fold over as well. All this talk of top part here we're going to fold along this edge here. [00:04:22] Fold down just like that and pinch the top Just like this. Now we're going to unfold all the way back to this step right here. Unfold this. Unfold this. Unfold this as well. Now we're back to this step We should have two creases here, one crease here and one crease here. [00:04:46] Then crease this down like this, to the crease you've already made, fold down one more time when we fold down we want to tuck this into the pocket Take this top part. Fold it down, tucking it into this pocket here. Fold down and push it into the pocket just like this. [00:05:04] You should have a little square. Just like this. Now one more step. This last step we're going to do is take this corner and tuck it into the model like that. To do this we're going to take this top edge and fold it down to the bottom edge just like this diagonally. [00:05:30] Make the crease right there, it will be squeezing a little bit. Push that down so we have the crease there, and now for the final step on this crease we just made you're going to fold this tip, bend it a little bit if you want Bend it, put it into the pocket. [00:05:49] Then push it all the way in. The paper might get a little thick here, that's why I say you should use notebook paper just because it's a little easier, the printer paper gets very thick here. We're just going to push that into the model just like this. Now what we want to do. [00:06:13] This is basically the model so we'll flatten it a little more, just use your palm. Pressed up against it, just like this. Make sure it's nice and flat. And with that you're finished this is the paper football. So now go ahead have fun with your friends play some paper football, or not your friends but with your family. [00:06:38] Get that social distancing going. Make a little goal, go ahead and flick this in. I hope you enjoy making this model and I hope to see you again very soon.