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A community update from President Tim Sands

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A community message of thanks to the Hokie Nation as we manage the COVID-19 pandemic.


In my life experience, when we faced a national emergency, we've been able to come together as family, friends, communities, and as a nation to support each other.With COVID-19, coming together physically is not an option. That makes this crisis much different than anything we've faced in generations. Today we're supporting our fellow Hokies and our community by respecting social distance. In doing so, we protect the most vulnerable among us and safeguard our healthcare system. To our employees who keep our critical infrastructure open and operating, thank you. To our students, you are about to experience a completely different version of a Virginia Tech education, entirely online. The things we'll learn in this new environment will prepare us for the future.To our graduating seniors, your time at Virginia Tech is coming to an end in a way that none of us envisioned. As the picture becomes clearer we'll update you on commencement and summer opportunities to come back to campus. As Virginia Tech graduates, you will always be Hokies.Your degree is just the beginning of your life in the Hokie community. To our faculty, teaching assistants and academic advisors, thank you for taking on the extraordinary challenge of moving Virginia Tech online. To our researchers, I know you're working hard to maintain the continuity of the research enterprise. Nothing can diminish the connections we have to each other and as a community committed to service and each other. We have the opportunity to think ahead to a post COVID-19 world. I have the greatest confidence in your ability to be strong, resilient, responsible, and kind. I look forward to the time when we can come together once again as a community, face to face. Thank you.