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Sophomore shares story of what brought her to animal science program

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Category: academics Video duration: Sophomore shares story of what brought her to animal science program
Melissa Pineda-Perez, a sophomore animal and poultry sciences major, has wanted to be a veterinarian since the second grade. Hear how she's achieving that dream.
[00:00:01] >> I had a chicken as my first pet. Chicky, very basic with names [laughs]. She started to feel sick and we could see that she wouldn't eat as much, and she wouldn't like get out as much. I was looking up stuff on the Internet, but I couldn't find a lot, but also there weren't a lot of avian clinics near me and it's obviously very expensive to try to figure out. [00:00:23] She died, obviously, but without a diagnosis. After I was very keen on trying to be a vet to help people like me who couldn't find a diagnosis or couldn't do something about their animal. While I was researching colleges, Virginia Tech was the only Virginia school based college I applied to about that had an animal science program. [00:00:42] So here I really want to get more experience for veterinary school because here I can get a lot of hands-on experience, there's a lot of forms, there's a lot of animals. Ut Prosim to me means more like serving for the betterment of the community to help the present or the future. [00:00:59] People are helping, like, me try to have a better experience with college and have a better future. I found out about my scholarship when my mom told me to check my financial aid to figure out how much she needed to pay. I can now focus more on my academics rather than worrying about finances I would have been worried for my parents, I don't want them to worry about my finances I just want them to worry about how I'm doing in school.