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Virginia Tech hosts Global Entrepreneur Challenge for 10th year

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Category: academics Video duration: Virginia Tech hosts Global Entrepreneur Challenge for 10th year
The competition, held at The Inn at Virginia Tech, was part of a 10-day celebration of student entrepreneurship. Teams were housed by local families, spent interactive time with successful technology companies, and enjoyed fellowship with Virginia Tech students. Some of the activities included tours of the Virginia Tech campus and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, educational workshops, and shopping in Roanoke and Blacksburg.

[00:00:02] >> Through this event we bring together students and faculty from all over the world to have an opportunity to build their networks, to collaborate, [INAUDIBLE], and to celebrate Innovation and impacrt that student teams are having on the global economy. As I'm about to graduate I'm really thinking about what I want to do, where I want to put my skills. [00:00:28] I really like to demonstrate my ability by making an impact and entrepreneurship is the best way to demonstrate that. [INAUDIBLE] The climax of this program is hosting a global entrepreneur challenge and so we're giving these 14 finalists teams the opportunity to pitch their business ideas for up to $45,000. [00:00:55] [INAUDIBLE]. It's always kind of thrilling to have a pitch, especially since its the first time we have an international audience. These teams are solving real problems from regions all over the world right here at Virginia Tech. All of these people are passionate about what they do and they all have such diverse interests and ideas and so getting to hear about that and talk about them has been a really really rewarding experience.