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Hokies give back in record numbers during Giving Day 2019

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Virginia Tech alumni from around the world stepped up and showed their commitment to Virginia Tech by giving back during the second annual Giving Day.

[00:00:00] >> (Three, two, one...) From the minute Virginia Tech Giving Day started... (Let's Go, Hokies!) To the very last second of the event, Hokies were in! "We are ecstatic. "Giving Day is over and it was a huge success." In one of the most exciting 24 hour periods of the year on campus, Virginia Tech exceeded its goal of inspiring 5500 Hokies to give back. [00:00:36] "Giving Day is really about bringing Hokies together for one day in a year and showing them the power of collective giving." Giving Day 2019 brought new meaning to Hokies are everywhere! "We had a gift from every single state, everywhere from Maine to South Dakota to California, Alaska, Hawaii and then 11 countries. [00:00:53] So it's not just the Hokies that are in the U.S. but 11 different countries had Hokies make a gift." From challenges to matching gifts and gifts of all sizes, more than 6600 Hokies together raised over $2.8 million to help build on programs and colleges, creating bigger opportunities for students. [00:01:13] "So whether it was the Cook Counseling Center or the basketball team or the College of Engineering that really showing, Giving Day really shows the breadth and depth of how you can make an impact on Virginia Tech. A lot of people think I have to get a lot of money but really if the small gifts adding up that really make the big difference for Virginia Tech." (Happy Giving Day!)