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Volunteers help tackle sustainability at home football games

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At Virginia Tech home football games, volunteers for the Game Day Green Team speak to tailgaters to inform them about campus sustainable initiatives, including where to locate designated recycling boxes in parking lots. These volunteers help ensure tons of recyclable materials don't mistakenly end up in landfills after each game.
The Game Day green team is composed of a group of students, lead volunteers who come out during home games, football games at Virginia Tech. And they just walk around parking lots with recycling bag to encourage recycling and just to raise awareness about sustainability and help to reduce waste on campus. Last year, we were able to collect 16 tons of recyclable materials and prevent it from going to the landfills. So volunteers can typically expect to volunteer for about an hour-and-a-half we tried to meet so that you have enough time to get out early. So you still have time to tailgate yourself. And they'll just say hello. I'm a volunteer with the office of sustainability. And do you know about the recycling program? And depending on the answer, they tell the tale years about the different initiatives that they can do and what they can and cannot recycle. So it's just helping to inform the general public about sustainability and recycling on campus. And overall, it's really good feedback.