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BioTech Couture Merges Engineering and Art through Bio Sensor Dress Design

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Category: campus experience Video duration: BioTech Couture Merges Engineering and Art through Bio Sensor Dress Design
BioTech Couture is made up of two Biomedical Engineering students and two Industrial Design students. The team merged their love for fashion with their passion for engineering and design. The outcome is a highly immersive fashion show which features dresses that visualize data such as the models brainwaves, heart rate and respiration.
So we're combining biotechnology with fashion design. And we split it up into four different collection. Though. There are four of us working on the project and each of us, I believe, designers or to the collections. So we're basing it around the four natural elements, fire, water, and air. It all started because we took a class last year called wearable by instrumentation. And at the end of the class we had a final project. And our professor, she gave us a very open-ended questions. You just like make something with a biosensor. And Miriam and I always really enjoyed fashion and design and all of those things. So we were like, since we have such an open-ended question, why not combine all of these things? I think that's what makes it more exciting where we're kind of stepping into something that's a bit more unknown. The Galois, the things that we're doing this pretty novel. And I think that's really exciting because we can kind of shape what the future could kinda look like. Kinda wanted to take a step back and to more than natural elements, which is why we picked the four elements. So fire, earth, air, and water. Each collection will be based on what those elements. And they'll have a main piece. That's what couture dress that has an integrated unique sensor. We're looking at heart rate, brainwaves and muscle movement and respiration. And the data that we're collecting from the sensors will then be used to visualize the model theta as they're walking down the runway. Alongside that, we had 3D printed sculptural jewelry pieces that are being designed by our industrial designer, artist. We were going to be a very immersive events. As the models walk down, you will expect to see the data being visualized on the walls with projection mapping as well as the data is shown on the dresses for themselves. I think working as a team is too great. We all love collaborating together. There's art here, engineering here, and it's difficult to merge the two together. This project has just been a wonderful way to kind of break down those barriers and bring all our passions together into this one singular project.