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The Importance of Being the Deanasaurus

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When Laura Belmonte became the dean of the Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, she knew her new role would lead her in many new directions. In an iconic moment, her staff witnessed a monumental transformation as she became the Deanasaurus. With her wife, the Susiesaurus, and their friend Betty Rubble, they set out to bring good cheer and treats to the campus on Halloween. This is their adventure.
The data sources mostly just to have fun at. These are times that are very heavy and stressful for lethal. And I tell you there's nothing quite like being out in public in a dinosaur costume, making people laugh and having little kids come up and ask if you'll come to their birthday party. And Susie and I started doing this last year as a means of keeping ourselves from going bonkers during the lockdown. And we decided to bring the joy to VT today. I think that the dinosaurs might be a bit more outgoing than the Susie sourness, but in terms of diet, general, daily activities, physical strength, I think they're pretty well-matched, which is why they make such a powerful dynamo pair. I think like a lot of people, I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a little kid. And then I saw these really fun videos where people were out and dinosaur costumes in grocery stores and parking lots. And we went to the sink one Pumpkin Festival has the dinos last year and that was super fun having our picture taken with people. But I also think that the dinosaurs are a really powerful reminder of the age of our planet and its fragility and that we are going through a time where we're seeing a lot of our biodiversity change and that we can't just take that for granted, that there are animals that are equally iconic to the dinosaurs who are themselves in parallel now. So there's a serious message about the dinosaur as well. I suppose if I have a governing philosophy any sort, it's that you can leave with joy and Lee have a very busy active scholars, but that doesn't mean we can add the sense of humor while they're doing it and be playful and fun with one another at the same time. 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.