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'Hokies on the Hill' practice politics through undergrad program

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Category: academics Video duration: 'Hokies on the Hill' practice politics through undergrad program
Hokies on the Hill, a group of Virginia Tech undergraduates, wrap up a semester working on Capitol Hill. They have an opportunity to earn credit for a full-time course load and gain real-world experience while learning about the U.S. Congress and politics. The program is administered through the Virginia Tech Office of Government Relations in the National Capital Region.

[00:00:01] >> Junior political science major Eleanor Patrick has always been interested in politics. "It's something that I did in high school and something that I really wanted to experience, day-to-day responsibilities of working in a senator's office." The moment she learned about Hokies on the Hill, an internship program giving undergraduates a chance to work on Capitol Hill, she knew she wanted in. [00:00:22] "I get to sit on an hearings and I write notes for hearings for legislative correspondents. Sometimes I write memos, we do bios for senators, mainly answer phones and voicemails from constituents." Being a Hokie on the Hill helped junior Cheyenne Crigger confirm her interest in government policy and law. [00:00:42] "Learning more about the process to make changes in those policy areas has really affirmed that I want to go into a field where I have a direct impact on change and improving things such as education and healthcare and accessibility in low income areas, especially because that's just something that people in my hometown personally need." Students earn credit for a full-time course load and gain real world experience. [00:01:09] President Tim Sands met with students during a recent stop in the nation's capital. "I think that it's an amazingly effective way for his cadre of students to exchange information, learn about the bigger picture of what goes on in Washington. We need more Hokies on the Hill. We need more Hokies representing us in Virginia and national