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Virginia Tech Dining Services will be expanding to bring even more culinary delights and inclusive meals to students with nine new dining venues. Currently, Dining Services has 40 full-service dining options and five grab-and-go locations on the Blacksburg campus and will expand to 49 full-service dining options and six grab-and-go locations when Perry Place in Hitt Hall opens its doors, which is projected to be in the spring of 2024.

Recently, Dietrick Hall's first floor dining space was renovated with modern finishes and appliances to enhance the dining experience for students, faculty, and staff. The first floor was expanded and spans over 5,000 square feet. Over 200 seats were added, and an additional 90 seats have been placed outside. The old Xpress Lane was relocated and rebranded to XpressLane Market, giving students more fresh options and pre-packaged items.  

“This expansion gives students more space to congregate, meet, and study,” said Brandon Hendricks, associate director of Dining Services. “We have so many different and unique needs on campus and student groups need a place to meet, have a quick coffee break, or have the space to study outside. Dietrick is really a one-stop shop and will cover all our students' needs.”

Along with supplying even more dining options, Perry Place and the expanded Dietrick Hall will create roughly 300 new jobs, including positions in food service, management, and maintenance. The facilities will offer opportunities for student employment. Along with creating new jobs, multiple staff members will be taking on new positions to accommodate the ever-expanding reach of Dining Services.  

Perry Place in Hitt Hall will have 50,000 gross square feet of dining space, which will house a 600-seat, multivenue dining area with even more dining options and areas for students to study, collaborate, and relax. The nine dining venues on the first two floors of the building will also have eight new dining concepts, such as Fresh & Feta, Smoke, and Amp Coffee. 

“We definitely want Perry Place to be a unique location and we are making the extra effort to make its offerings exceptional,” said Jeremiah Gardner, associate director of Perry Place, “It’s going to be beautiful, and energy will radiate throughout the space. I don’t think anyone will come in here and not be able to find something to eat and that is what will be so great about Perry Place.” 

Dining Services' commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of these new and enhanced dining options. Both facilities were designed with ecofriendly features in mind, incorporating energy-efficient lighting, water-saving features, and composting and recycling programs.  

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