In Patrick County, Virginia, a land so fair,
Something special is happening, spreading joy everywhere.
The Dolly Parton Imagination Library has arrived,
Free books for all children, a monthly treasure so prized.

From birth to age 5, they’ll all get a book,
To open their minds, with a curious look.
The program’s free, for each girl and each boy,
To fill them with wonder, and give them great joy!

At the Reynolds Homestead, the kickoff was grand,
A magical day, throughout the land.
Children listened to stories, so wonderfully told,
And they read aloud, with voices so bold.

They came to celebrate the birthday of one
Whose rhymes and stories are second to none.
The day was a party, for a person so fine —
Dr. Seuss, the author, and his hat-wearing feline!

With Seuss-inspired science projects and crafts,
And stories that filled kids with big joyous laughs,
The children explored and tried their hand,
At every activity — oh, it was grand!       

Seuss-inspired snacks and refreshments were yummy,
Kids filled up their bellies and thought it was funny.
In a booth they took photos, with character props galore,
They giggled and laughed, and then took a few more.

The homestead’s a gathering place that cares,
Part of Virginia Tech’s Outreach and International Affairs.
In Critz, history fills every corner of this spot,
Where community and learning are always on top.

Two children in homemade Seuss hats make a craft using glue sticks and colorful markers.
Sisters Kreedynce (at left) and Maybree Flippin (at right) make a Dr. Seuss-inspired craft at the Reynolds Homestead’s Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration. Photo by Diane Deffenbaugh for Virginia Tech.

Amidst all the reading and people making merry,
Families signed up for the Imagination Library.
The party was a blast, for children and grown-ups, too.
Patrick County kids are lucky, given adventures anew.

Dolly’s vision, it’s true, is a wonderful thing,
Since ’95, the library has spread its wings.
Nearly 200 million books given thus far,
In countries all around, from near and from far.

The Patrick County effort’s a joint one, indeed,
With the chamber, One Family, and Rotary’s lead,
STEP Inc., and the community, too —
All coming together to see this one through.

Over $6,000 raised to make a dream come true —
Oh, the places these books will take the kids to!
With stories full of wonder and pages of fun,
Their love for books has just really begun.

So let us give thanks, to Dolly Parton so bright,
For this wonderful adventure, filling us with delight,
To the Reynolds Homestead and Virginia Tech’s hand,
For this magical adventure, in this wonderful land.

See more photos from the celebration at the Reynolds Homestead.

A young boy looks up at the top of a tower of red cups as he prepares to add another layer.
Clayton Mitchell sees how high he can make a tower made of red plastic cups. Photo by Diane Deffenbaugh for Virginia Tech.
A young girl uses a glue stick with the help of a volunteer dressed in black sequence jacket, oversized bowtie, and red and white top hat.
Miela Tatum makes a craft with Reynolds Homestead volunteer Mia Waddell. Photo by Diane Deffenbaugh for Virginia Tech.
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