The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) with the Virginia Tech Innovation and Partnerships team will exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s biggest tech showcase, Jan. 4-8 in Las Vegas.

The team will host a pre-show networking event and an exhibit to showcase how the institute is advancing transportation.

“The Consumer Electronics Show is an unprecedented opportunity for VTTI to directly engage with existing and potential new partners at the world’s largest technology showcase,” said Zac Doerzaph, the institute's executive director. “I am consistently impressed with the quality of our partners that help us to further explore the future of mobility together.”

To kick off CES, Virginia Tech will host Hokies in Las Vegas at a free networking event at El Segundo Sol from 6 to 8 p.m. Jan. 4. Doerzaph and other members of the senior leadership team will provide an opportunity for alumni and friends of the university to learn how the institute is shaping the future of transportation. Attendees should register for the networking event.

At the institute’s exhibit Jan. 5-8, researchers will be available at Booth No. 3511 to discuss the following:

Sharing the Road with Trucks program: The program teaches driver’s education students to safely drive and share the road with semi-trucks through interactive and classroom education. The program has reached more than 14,000 students across five states since its inception in 2018.

Advancing vehicle technologies: Optimizing the human and machine as a singular driving system with the Advanced Vehicle Systems and Interfaces Laboratory.  

Accelerating effective automation: Identifying and exercising automation where it provides near-term value for all road users through research from the Division of Vehicle, Driver, and System Safety.

Smart connections: Realizing a digital interconnected infrastructure through research at the Virginia Automated Corridors and the Virginia Connected Corridors.

Data acquisition systems: Designing and deploying data acquisition systems (DAS) for over 20 years that are designed to assist in the collection of naturalistic driving data, the backbone of the institute’s research. The most recent evolution of this work is the MicroDAS, which is designed to be small, cost effective, and easy to install in a wide variety of vehicles.

Future collaborations: Partnering with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute allows for retaining top talent, solving research and development challenges, staying on the leading edge of innovation, encouraging inclusion and diversity, and tapping into Virginia Tech’s broader network of partners and programs.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, VTTI has been setting the standard for the transportation industry with innovative research, product development, and implementation of transportation regulations and technologies worldwide.  

Learn more and register for the networking event.

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