Dear Virginia Tech community,

Whether you are starting college or graduate school for the first time or returning to classes after a well-deserved break, the beginning of the fall semester is exciting. I welcome you to the 2022-23 academic year and hope this is a time for each of you to create new friendships, work toward ambitious goals, and create your unique place at our university.

Preserving Virginia Tech’s commitment to a safe and inclusive environment is a responsibility that is shared by every member of our community. As we continue through the highest-risk months for sexual harassment and violence to occur at universities — the time period from the start of the fall semester through Thanksgiving break — it is important to raise awareness of gender-based harassment and violence and the resources available to those who experience it.

Our new SAFE at VT website provides valuable information about Virginia Tech’s resources for survivors and community members, the process for reporting incidents, and our policies on harassment, discrimination, and sexual assault.

We can all play a role in creating a university community that protects against sexual violence and harassment. We can practice our Principles of Community, treating one another with dignity and respect. We can support those who have experienced violence so they know they are not alone and there is help.

As Virginia Tech’s Title IX coordinator, I am committed to addressing incidents of gender-based violence and harassment with appropriate support measures and assistance for survivors as well as ensuring that an equitable process, in which all parties are treated with compassion and respect, is used to resolve complaints. If you need help, I encourage you to contact me.

Take good care,

Katie Polidoro
Title IX Coordinator
Office for Equity and Accessibility

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