Virginia Tech’s 2010 Summer Session will mark the debut of the university’s new online graduate certificate in nonprofit and nongovernmental organization management.

The 12-hour online certificate can be completed by students in as few as two semesters. The application for Summer I enrollment is due by April 15, with June 1 as the application deadline for Summer II.

The certificate is designed for both practicing professionals and students looking to enter into the nonprofit sector for the first time. The curriculum covers nonprofit organizational management, leadership, governance, international development, and philanthropy.

The certificate provides graduate-level education and credentials to individuals seeking to create or enhance a strong foundation for a career in nonprofit organizational management and leadership. Interested students, with a bachelor’s degree, may apply online to the Virginia Tech Graduate School. Program faculty members represent the School of Public and International Affairs in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

The certificate is comprised of four courses:

  • UAP 5454: Nonprofit Organization and Management
  • UAP 5534: Nonprofit Leadership and Governance
  • UAP 5364: Nongovernmental Organizations in International Development
  • UAP 5354: Charity, Philanthropy and Civil Society

Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs has offered the nonprofit management and leadership certificate through classroom-based courses since 2005. Grounded in interdisciplinary perspectives, students interact with faculty from various backgrounds including, political science, public administration, urban planning, community, and international development. Master’s degrees are offered in urban and regional planning and public and international affairs. Doctorates are offered in planning, governance, globalization, and public administration and policy.

Online education programs further extend these opportunities to eLearners all over the nation, and around the world each year.

To learn more, visit the online graduate certificate in nonprofit and nongovernmental organization management website.

Written by Tracey B. Allen.

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