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Inside the Hokies on the Hill Program in Washington, D.C.

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Inside the Hokies on the Hill Program in Washington, D.C.

Three students share how their experience in Virginia Tech's renowned Hokies on the Hill Undergraduate Internship Program has changed their worldview and helped them grow. The program provides students with the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill, learn firsthand about Congress and politics, and gain real-world experience in the nation's capital, all while earning credit for a full-time course load.

When you walk in, you're seeing the most amazing things whenever you watched on the news last night. You're working on that the next day. Congressional office internships are very competitive when you just apply on your own with like no backing of like a program like this, it's a little harder to get. Thankfully for the Hopis on the hill program, they had those connections here. This program, Poky's on the hill. It opened up something in my mind that I never thought of before. There's a lot of things now to appreciate and love about the law. The greatest joy from me is being able to hear that the experiences is transformational. One, for students, they learn a lot about themselves living in Washington, and then being around really important people or elected officials. This has been one of the most incredible things that I've ever done. And when it comes to the people that I've met, the projects I've worked on, the things that I've learned, and just overall the experiences. There's no doubt in my mind that this will really set me up for a success in the future. I like to help people, especially since I've never really had that help growing up. I'm the first person in my family to go to college. One of the things that I definitely like most about politics, just being able to work on behalf of your constituents and, you know, put forward your ideas. This internship has definitely made me mature professionally. I will definitely be using all the connections that I've made here on the hill. I've been equipped with, I think, great tools and not just this program, but Virginia Tech as a whole. I feel like it's kind of like an investment. I got to pay back a little bit.