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Approaching his finish line in academics and athletics

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Cole Beck, a graduate student in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction, is graduating this December. While working towards his master's degree, he's also been a Virginia Tech athlete, competing in two sports-- track and football.
Growing up, I was not necessarily a very athletic kid. In middle school I started running track to stay busy out of football season. And then two, to get in better shape for football season. So I wanted to do both because I love to compete in both and I love the different aspects of what they bring to me. Right? I've had great times and great experiences with my teammates. You know, when we win it all, there's no better feeling. I've always wanted to be more than just an athlete, right. And looking past the aspect of like, you know, what if I don't make it professionally. What if I get injured? So, you know, I wanted to further my education. So my undergrad is in property management. And so I was like, okay, what can I do to better build upon that education instead of getting something separate? So construction came. Where now I can put the two aspects together and I can help build, create affordable housing for people in areas like Bluefield, West Virginia, where I'm from. I mean, I've had great support in my school and over here at the athletics as well. And I've been very lucky for people on both sides to be there for me and help me guide me through and get this done. My goals are, which I've had them written down for the last year and a half, is, you know, obviously the Combine in the NFL. Pro Day, have two great camps there. And then compete and get ready for the Olympic trials. Right? To be ready, not just another guy running. That's my goal right now so far. And when it's my time to hang them up, then I'll be ready to go into my career.