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Summer camp spotlights Black excellence in engineering

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BEE VT (Black Engineering Excellence) is a summer camp for rising junior and senior high school students. The camp offers an opportunity to explore the many facets of engineering while learning about college life. During the two-week camp, staff from Bloomberg Industry Group visited with the students to provide feedback and advice on an engineering design project.
Pbt is a two week summer program to introduce more African American students to the world of Stem and engineering. You don't see a lot of African American students in engineering, having them at this grade school like Gtech. They'll be able to see themselves in this place and showing them that you can be your authentic self and then still pursue a Stem degree. They'll be doing college preparatory workshops so they can start figuring out what colleges they want to go to start doing that type of research. Students will also be able to explore several different disciplines. Also be able to do faculty meet ups where they'll have meetings with faculty, ask them questions, and talk more about what their major is about. Students were at tasked for the two weeks to do a engineering design project. Since they're staying in the dorms, they may have realized there may have been some things missing. Their project is to figure out what could be something that they could create that would make a student who's living in a dorm life easier. The end goal is for them to create a prototype, whether physical or a virtual design, to showcase. And then also they will have representatives from Bloomberg come and look at their designs, parents and families coming and share in the design, so they're able to have their ideas come from their head to paper to computer modeling, and then actually having it come together. In real life, think about about $35.26 We as an organization have a corporate value of trying to increase the diversity of what our engineering cohort looks like. We heard about this program and when offered the chance to be a part of it, we jumped at it because it aligned so closely. It's also just really good for our team to get out, work with the students, and help mentor them in the art of thinking through problems, do market research, and ask around, seeing what are these employers looking for? What are the types of skills that they need to build up or work towards in successful, not just only academically but also professionally as well. There people we can get interested at a younger age, more people will get to actually apply. And more importantly is the cohort of engineers. These are cohorts we really want to try to increase exponentially because it's just they're underrepresented having them in this space. It really sparks their creativity and their ability to feel like I can make it. I can actually do this and be successful and go to college.