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C-Tech² explores engineering and campus life at Virginia Tech

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Category: impact Video duration: C-Tech² explores engineering and campus life at Virginia Tech
The Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) offers this program to rising junior and senior high school girls.  The two week camp focuses on hands-on learning activities to help guide budding engineers in their future college and professional career paths.

Tech Square is a two week program where high school girls come in and they get to experience what the college life would be like. They get to know a little bit more about what engineering is and how their careers could look, and at the same time know which opportunities Virginia Tech offers for them. We really want them to know how broad engineering actually is and every single field they could go in, so that they have a more informed decision that they can also, if they decide to come here to Virginia Tech, that they're more comfortable in this environment, that they have already known what it's about and they're familiar with the structure and they've networked with people here it shutters, it's very important for them to have that intersection. Like how can I learn about engineering in a fun way? This is what it's all about for them to be able to interact with what goes on here in the game tech. Not just hear all the theory behind it, but actually see action. If you hear from them at the beginning when they knew that they were going to meet faculty, they were a little bit intimidated by, they were nervous. But it definitely feels more calming once you get to know them. And you can hear them talk about how excited they are, that they got to meet these people and that they got so much advice and got to hear about their experiences. This is something that definitely helps a student when they're walking into college for the first time. They look so curious and they actually want to know. It's like they appreciate the opportunity that has been given to them. This entire program has been set up just for that, for them to be able to ask questions, to clear any doubts that they might have. And that's something that they're definitely taking advantage of. I can say that it's always pleasant seeing woman being able to express their thoughts and be in an environment where they feel safe and without judgment.