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What's Your Major? - Systems Biology

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Ben shares why he studies Systems Biology in the Academy of Integrated Science.
Hello, my name is Ben and I'm a fourth year Virginia Tech. My major is systems biology, which is basically just biology, more math, and computer science, think bioinformatics. I chose systems biology because I want to work with genetics in the future. The math and computer science inherent within the major, as well as biology makes it the perfect major for genetics research. Other students in my major pursue pathways and mathematical analysis, modeling, biochemistry, and much more. Also, the interdisciplinary nature of my major allows me more flexibility for my future career path. I am currently doing research with organometallic compounds, which are compounds containing at least one chemical bond between a carbon atom of an organic molecule and a metal atom. This research, we use computer models that simulate potential drug candidates. When I graduate, I intend to get a job working with information systems with a focus in genetics. The strong analytical tools that I learned in my major, along with the integrated nature of my education, I've set me up with a strong foundation to reach this goal.