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What's Your Major? - Neuroscience

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Amina studies neuroscience with studies focused in data and behavior and decisions. She loves the interdisciplinary nature of the degree and application to a wide array of future career paths.
Hi everyone, my name is Amina, I'm a fourth year here at Virginia Tech. I'm currently majoring in neuroscience with minors and data decisions, adaptive brain and behavior, and human computer interaction. The neuroscience program here at Virginia Tech covers nervous system interactions, which can vary from cellular to societal levels. We are given an education that provides us an understanding of genetic mechanisms in the brain, human thought processes, and experimental and scientific approaches to our world. I chose this major because it's so interdisciplinary and applicable to our daily lives. I love learning what makes us human on a biological and cognitive level, but this degree gives us even more than that. It provides us the skills and knowledge for a multitude of fields outside of just health care. The neuroscience program here at Virginia Tech is unlike any other, with four different specific majors in clinical, cognitive, computational, and experimental. You're able to choose after your first year as a general neuroscience student. I've had an internship specifically in user experience and human-computer interaction last summer and previously shadowed other health care professionals. There's just so many different areas neuroscience can take you. This sky is really just the limit. After I graduate, I would like to have a job that works in artificial intelligence and integration of neuroscience and current technology. I'd also like to continue research post graduation, and possibly go to grad school in the future.