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What's Your Major? - Statistics

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Christian shares why he chose statistics and his love for data. Part of his research involves finding ways to help new Hokies feel welcome in Blacksburg.
Hello everyone. My name is Christian and I am a fourth year here for Virginia Tech. My major is statistics, which focuses on data analysis, probability, and a lot of math, which is my favorite subject. My love for data sets outweighed my love for my original major of engineering. It's a more relaxing major that focuses on subjects that personally interested me. The professors that taught me are, in my opinion, the greatest professors that Virginia Tech has to offer. There are many pathways students can take in statistics. Since my major allows us to collect, analyze, interpret, and learn from data, we acquire the skills to pursue careers in data science, medicine and health, sports analytics, in the environment, business and finance, and politics and government, just to name a few. There are many opportunities for statistics majors to get involved in research. One of my favorite memories as I Hokie was conducting research in Virginia Tech's administration building. I answered numerous research questions involving how first-year of Hokies can feel more welcome here in Blacksburg. When I graduate, I plan to get a job in the data science field. I have no regrets pursuing this amazing major. Statistics has helped me become a better student and a better human being. I could recommend this major to anyone who is interested in learning about data or wishes to pursue a career in the field.