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What's Your Major? - Nanoscience

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Nathan shares about his studies in nanoscience and his interest in materials science.
Hello, my name is Nathan. I'm a third year at Virginia Tech. I'm a nanoscience and physics major. Nanoscience and nanomedicine is the study of materials, phenons, particles, and applications of the smallest length scale, that being the nanoscale or molecular scale. I chose nanoscience because I wanted to become a materials scientist, with nanoscience kind of being at the forefront of all this cool new technology towards material science is the perfect option. There are other pathways for nanoscientists and nanomedicine, with nanosized medicine being pre-med, pre-health and now science kinda be nanotechnology and kinda looking at nanoparticles and environment. I'm currently looking into to undergrad programs, research programs. The first one being nano safe, which kinda does all this cool effects of nanoparticles have on the environment, as well as testing nano related products. The other one being researched that's currently trying to make a whole new technology towards audio speakers, which is awesome, using nanoscience. And then I plan on going straight into the industry after graduation. I already have two companies that I'm looking into and grad school isn't what I want to do because I kind of want to get straight into the industry and hands-on work with nanoscience.