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Pi Day Baking Battle: ME vs. ECE

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What better way to spend Pi Day than challenging our friends over in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to a pi bakeoff? That's just what we did, and five representatives from each department brought their best baked goodness to the table to compete.
Welcome to the first ever Pi Day baking battle between two fierce Virginia Tech competitors, Mechanical Engineering and Computer and electrical engineering. Pi Day is a tribute to mathematics and mathematics is the center of engineering. Math folks will tell you that pi is a Greek letter, and it's got something to do with circles or whatever. And it's also a really long number, 3.145, something, something else. But you put an E on the end of that needs that a delicious treat. Ten of them, in fact, that's why we're here today. Five pies have been baked by students, and staff from each of the departments. And our judges will determine which one is the best. Miriam, ME staff and judge Jordan, ECE faculty and judge The winning department we'll even get to have the losing department do their laundry for an entire year. Oh, well, the whole laundry thing has been scrapped, but we do have a trophy. Let's go to the pies. Allison, ME Cherry Amy, ME Apple Hannaneh, ECE Banana Chocolate Cream Hayley, ECE Bourbon Apple Peach Kourosh, ECE Lemon Matt and Chloe, ME Triple Chocolate Pecan Matthew, ECE Apple Rachel, ECE Banana Cream Sam, ME Pumpkin Shuo, ME Blueberry [Judges tasting and making decisions.] Okay, so for overall presentation, the winner was number one, apple pie. Overall flavor. The winner was the bourbon peach apple pie. by Hayley. The winner of originality was the lemon pie. And then for our final category of overall winner is the Bourbon apple peach pie. Well, there you have it, folks. That was our inaugural Pi Day baking battle competition, where electrical engineering asserted their dominance and mechanical may try to steal the crown next year, we'll see now I've got to go enjoy some more bourbon, apple, peach pie.