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Staff tours construction site for up and coming Innovation Campus

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Staff tours construction site for up and coming Innovation Campus
Construction of the first academic building is projected to be open to students, faculty, and staff in 2024. It features a design centered on the principles of sustainability, connectivity, integrated technology and more.

We had a wonderful tour of the whole site. We got to see the ground floor and then one of the parking garages. And it's incredible progress. We're really on schedule plan. We're excited to be opening in 2020 for that facility enables us to teach in a different way to do really exciting frontier research and technology. And we finally can bring all of our faculty together with the students. And so it's really this monumental moment that's coming up in 2024 where the whole program is going to launch. So it was really interesting is this is the first time I've been on the site. And so I really got to see all of the construction that's going on, the interesting windows that are going in, and some of the challenges that they're having with the facade, but they are fantastic team. And I'm just really thrilled to see the progress that they've made. So what's really interesting about the building as we hold to our traditions and there'll be hokey stone on the campus. But in the windows we have photovoltaics that are gonna be actually bringing in energy from the sun. And there's a really remarkably complex and interesting system that's going to be used to distribute it into a building. And if there are overages than we can actually sell it back to the grid. So it's this, the possibility of supplying energy beyond just the building itself.