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Mozaiko brings together domestic and international students in Living-Learning Community

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Mozaiko brings together domestic and international students in Living-Learning Community
Located in Harper Hall, U.S. and international students live together in a diverse community where they learn about each other’s culture, immerse themselves in language practice, and prepare for a lifetime of intercultural leadership.
Sure. So I don't speak French. So as ACO is one of our many living learning programs on campus dedicated to intercultural and interlingual immersion. It is through our experiences with each other and our exposure to different perspectives, countries, languages that we are developing our own intercultural competence. There is something about just being a human being in today's globalized world that I think requires the skills we're learning here. Meeting people with opinions and perspectives that do not match up with yours, but knowing that they're going to have your back and you're going to have there is because you are here to learn from it. When I was looking for housing and I heard that there's these things called living-learning programs are LLCs. I found it interesting because you get a place to live, but you also do so many things along with it. And when I found out about what cycle, I learned that there were different language houses and people from all over the world. I got super excited. The initial idea objective was to create space for international students and domestic students to interact with each other. For international students is a great space to. I feel that they belong on campus, feel that they can share their cultural identities in a safe space. And of course, with domestic students, especially for those maybe who never left. It's important to learn from someone who had the courage to do that. I was entirely born and raised in Winchester, Virginia. Diversity was okay. Minority, majority high school. A lot of Latino and African-American students coming to me zygote, especially freshman year of being locked in my dorm because of COVID. I was like, This is such a diverse school. I've never seen this much diversity in my entire life. And that's because this year I serve as the president of Mexico, which is a distinct honor and privilege. Have the same mission to make sure that both domestic and international students feel like they can call this their home. I think we always hear this is home and that's awesome. Convenient is home, but it's also very large home. Some Ezekiel is the place I figured this is going to be my corner and I'm going to grow here as a hokey. I was born in India. I grew up in India. My first language is Hindi. That's where I grew up speaking, but I went to an English medium school. It's a different learning experience, studying away from home, away from family, and just growing up independently. I was scared in the first few weeks. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I miss my family because I can video call them, but it's not the same as visiting them. But I think that living with so many people, everybody is feeling the same thing like you. It just feels like home after glasses, I just come back and I'm just glad to hear that. Yeah, I would call heartburn once I go to my home.