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Calhoun Honors Discovery Program Expo brings together faculty, students and industry partners

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Category: academics Video duration: Calhoun Honors Discovery Program Expo brings together faculty, students and industry partners
Calhoun Honors Discovery Program's Expo, the culmination of project development across multiple learning environments, brought together students from 15 majors with industry partners from Boeing, General Electric, Caterpillar, Association for Financial Professionals, Capital Youth and Empowerment Program, and Ithaka S+R to tackle complex problems. 
Hello. Today we are having Calhoun honors discovery programs extra. This event brings and industry partners and students that have been working on semester-long or year-long projects that they have been interested in. Students and industry partners have shown interest in and faculty have expertise in. Today is the culmination of those projects that they have worked on. And they develop prototypes on. And what we see is the prototype and the learning that came out of that experience of being engaged at industrial partners across multiple sectors. Don't start out at the beginning of a semester with a problem space that they work on. We teach them a framework to look at how to solve complex problems and look at them in a social holistic approach that considers things like, what's the real need they have? What's an enabling technology that's feasible to address that? What's a viable way to produce that, build that simulated test it? Can you do it for a cost if somebody has an interest and then is it sustainable? Doesn't have endurance for economic reasons. Are people willing to adopt it? Is an environmentally sustainable. We got the chance to go to South Carolina where we got to visit the Boeing facility there a lot of the drilling that happens is automated, but there's still a lot of parts where you have to go and fasten the bolts and stuff by yourself. And there's a lot of ergonomic issues that come up with where they have to go into tight spaces. Our projects specifically is working on reducing workplace injuries with drilling. And specifically, we want to come up with a more efficient training program for them. We want to make it as as ergonomically efficient as possible for them. We are currently working on trying to like Eric wind more accessible for a stable pastures. He said that doesn't wheelchairs. The average wheelchair is actually wider than the aircraft dial and so you have to get moved onto this tie. A little wheelchair that's not very comfortable and some people have it wheelchair specifically designed for themselves and comfort wise. We decided to partner with all wheels Up next semester along with Boeing, which is a non-profit dedicated to finding ways to make wheelchairs on planes as easy as best and as successful as possible. With the professors that we have there, just as passionate as we are. There have been times when our professors have stayed up till one or two in the morning working with us on our prototype. And that really drives us to work even harder. That is not actually on common for faculty to be working to discuss odd hours or victims. That passion that students shows in developing a project is going to be met with the same passion from us faculty as well. Because to us, your R code developers in the space industry, partners coming, bringing their expertise, faculty come in there is for these students may enjoy painting the background and expertise. And together, you're looking at these complex problems. Because at the core of our studio is, is that these are complex problems that cannot be solved from one perspective.