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Biomedical initiatives are boosted by strong public support, survey finds

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Category: research Video duration: Biomedical initiatives are boosted by strong public support, survey finds

Virginia residents want the commonwealth to be a leader in education and biomedical research — and they are willing to pay for it.

In a statewide survey of more than 1,000 people released last week, residents support investing taxpayer funds to incentivize innovation, attract and support biotech start-ups, and fund biomedical and health science research.

What’s more, top concerns for Virginians are mental health, opioid addiction, the cost of health care, and children's health. Support is strong for research and education to address these issues and drive progress.

Virginians want leadership in the very fields that you are engaged in. I think it should be energizing and inspiring to all of you as you continue your great work, Virginia Tech's profile has grown to the point that we're now the third most recognized biomedical research university in Virginia. The top to have had a 100 year head start. But rotten move to catch up fast. And as I became more involved in world was happening here, it became excited about the quality of what's happening. The Research Institute was very small, national and world standards. But the quality as good as anywhere in the world. But lots of ways that life science industry, it's puzzling, affected by much propellant money. I'm hoping more attention to what we're doing to realize that we are not just leaders nationally, but we can be leaders in the world. And a lot of aspects, it is important for all of us who carry out research to be good stewards of public resources in the service of the public good. That importances particularly germane in medical research, where the public's health is dependent on the integrity and the success of the enterprise.