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Cheesy Nights fuels students through finals

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The University Libraries continued its growing tradition of serving up thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies and fruit, hot chocolate and more to support students as they prepared for final exams. Cheesy Nights is staffed by volunteers and is made possible through individual private donations to the University Libraries Excellence Annual Fund. 
We started Cheesy Nights in December of 2011. The first night we served about two hundred and sixty something sandwiches and students started coming up to the table and saying if I give you ten bucks would you run down to Kroger I get some more bread and cheese. And I said, Okay, and they said are you going to come back tomorrow? We said, okay, yeah. And we started doing it and we never stopped. It's so much fun. It's a lot of hard work behind the scenes and day of. But the best part is when the students come by and we ask them like, where's your hometown? And I make them tell me. Not "NOVA", but their actual town and they thank us. They are so appreciative and they walk up like what is this? Why are you doing this? The first question we're always asked is like, how much it cost because I don't have very much money? It's like, it's free! Yep. You heard it here. It is free! So once they hear free food and then they come by and see all the activity and all the interaction with all the people that are here. It turns awesome. Grilled cheese was absolutely amazing. I had a first semester and it was great that I came back this semester as well and absolutely blew me away. I loved it. It made a very stressful week just a little bit better. I think this is amazing, you know, studying for finals is really stressful and hard and I think this nice break and food for students Like, it gets our spir