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Clean coal technology that’s good for the environment and the economy

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Category: research Video duration: Clean coal technology that’s good for the environment and the economy
University Distinguished Professor Roe-Hoan Yoon is focused on developing clean coal technologies to capture value from coal refuse materials while reducing the environmental impacts. They hold the promise of rare earth element extraction of elements that are critical to some of our most important global industries. Over the course of his forty-plus year tenure at Virginia Tech, Dr. Yoon has been a champion of technology commercialization, working to develop several commercially successful endeavors including large-scale demonstration projects with positive environmental and social impact. 
University Distinguished Professor of Roe Han Yu and is developing clean coal technology. It's good for environment. The coal industry is doing very well with the coarse particle problem they have is a fine particles of call. They can now separate from the ash minerals or water. So in the absence of these technologies, the only choice I have, show it out. Coal mining is being done in the mountainous areas. We have a two mountains. One mountain here on Mount Rainier Valley. They build a dam and they pump the slurry into it. It becomes a pond or lake and is black water. In the United States, it's estimated nearly 4 billion Find called particles are in those switches. Cause for environmental concern, you'd estimates nearly a quarter of that can be recovered, creating billions of dollars in revenue. So one time I was I was testify in West Virginia legislature how to handle that problem. Our approach was to develop a technology that can increase the efficiency of cleaning those five ways. First of all, we minimize the environmental problem associated with coal mining and processing. And secondly, we can have coal company increase their revenue using your technology, find coal particles are extracted from the water, thrust as high quality coal and so on.