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#VTGivingDay - Seale Innovation Fund at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

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The first seven Virginia Tech research teams each to receive one-year, $75,000 Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC Seale Innovation Fund awards have been selected. The awarded pilot projects address a broad spectrum of biomedical and health science challenges that have impact on millions of Americans, including cancer, chronic pain, brain development, obesity, and COVID-19 complications.

Your donation today matters! When we receive 175 gifts, we'll unlock $10,000 additional in match funding for the Seale Innovation Fund. Support potentially lifesaving research by giving a gift of $5 or more to the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute for #VTGivingDay.
Being able to branch off as it were, or being able to discover things or to follow your nose is literally be the lifeblood of real science and real progress. All progress comes. And all progress comes using the instincts of people who know how to do that, to do discovery science. We hope whatever the scientists helps is that the work that you're doing now is going to lead to some advancement, some translatable piece that is going to vastly improve human health down the road. This money gets directly translate into labs like mine to study these questions, we literally use this money to do a scan of a subject or collect their data to pay them to volunteer. So the money, it's kind of a one-to-one relationship. Everybody wants people to be happy and healthy. And I think always coming back to that common ground is what's made FBI so approachable by so many community members, we really value discovery and we value innovation. We valued going after what my favorite thing about the institute is, my favorite thing about my life. I get to do science here. Real science, not what you tell me to do. Now at some program says, Oh, here's the answer. But I can work on problems that I think are important. How far do we want to reach? Can we really become a literally a world-class destination side for the rest? And I, and I think we're on the edge of that now.