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The Southern Piedmont AREC: focused on commodity-based research and Extension activities

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Category: research Video duration: The Southern Piedmont AREC: focused on commodity-based research and Extension activities

The Southern Piedmont Agricultural Research and Extension Center is dedicated to tobacco, small fruits, forages, and other field and specialty crops research and educational programs to address the needs of the agricultural industry so it will continue to be a viable component of the state's economy.

I'm Dr. Carol Wilkinson. I'm the Director of the Southern Piedmont, a wreck. The primary focus of the sudden fema a reg is to conduct a commodity oriented research that provides information to our producers so they can be profitable, environmentally sustainable. Our programs focus mostly on tobacco, forages live sung in small groups. But we worked with any commodity. It's important to this part of the state. One of the primary objectives of any a rectus for us to provide unbiased research to producers for their farming operations. From an egg industry standpoint, we see working with the a Rx is the most effective and efficient way to make sure that our producers are not always sustainable, competitive in a worldwide market. And I can affirm a third generation farm raised about things called Kyle. Dwarf looks really and truly we can know without the extension. And what are the research stage, the VLAN after making that we often think of agriculture producers as our primary stakeholders. But I think the general community, students, K through 12, undergraduate and graduate, are all of our stakeholders. The agricultural economy is shifting and where one commodity maybe primarily important. Say for example, if the farm to table movement, vegetable production will become increasingly important. So at the a wreck, we just need to make sure that we're adaptable and flexible enough to change with the agricultural economy as it grows, it make sure we are always providing up-to-date current information for producers, for the industry so that it can use agricultural economy is always profitable, environmentally sustainable, and successful.