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CNRE Museum collection seeks to expand to broaden students hands-on learning experiences

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Category: academics Video duration: CNRE Museum collection seeks to expand to broaden students hands-on learning experiences
The College of Natural Resources and Environment gives students the opportunity to learn about wildlife specimens inside the classroom through its museum collection located at Cheatham Hall.  The museum is looking to expand its resources by asking for public donations of their own personal collections to help further education and outreach.
It's primarily used as a teaching collection. This way the students can handle all the species and how to identify different species in Virginia. I've come in as a graduate student, to just help, organize everything. Get it in order and to where we're missing species. We're extremely fortunate in the Department of Fish Wildlife Conservation to have this teaching collection that really has been put together through years of work of faculty members and graduate students. It gives our students the opportunity to have hands-on learning. And that's really in the College of Natural Resources, that's one of our great features I think that we have. We're trying to grow the collection. One of the ways we can do that is we're hoping that we might have some folks.. we've already folks who have been extremely helpful to us. That maybe you inherited your grandparents collection. Maybe they were an avid outdoors person and might like to hunt or like to fish. And if there's folks like that, we'd love to look at the collection. We can't guarantee that we can use everything. It's good because like now there's a lot of resources online for them to see like 3-D scans from other museums and everything like that. But I don't think it necessarily the same as being able to hold something in your hands and see the actual size of it. And all of the different nooks and crannies. We go out in the field, and