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The Eastern Shore AREC focuses on research and Extension around vegetables and row crops

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Category: research Video duration: The Eastern Shore AREC focuses on research and Extension around vegetables and row crops

Located in Painter, Virginia, the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center is committed to supporting commercial vegetable and agronomic crop production. The center grows more than 25 agricultural crops annually for research and Extension studies.

New, state-of-the-art applied research that is relevant to local farming operations is essential to ensure the Eastern Shore remains a leader in commercial agriculture production.

So here at the eastern shore, a wreck app believe that the faculty and staff have a direct impact pretty much on any farmer here in Virginia, since we work on so many different crops that range from vegetable crops through the traditional wrote prop. Pretty much any system in Virginia has some sort of applied research conducted here at the station, especially as you start looking at some of the traditional research programs like Weed Science, entomology, plant biology, and soil fertility. We're trying to really increase production. A better quality made a is pressed Enter or potatoes with, Let's test that application with different soil methodologies for soil conservation. And also to make sure that farmers have what they need in research so it can impact their bottom line on their arm. We always have a focus on new technology to better Virginia Agriculture. These technologies can range from some of the more exciting Thanks that you think of, that just unmanned aerial vehicles in robotics. But also some of the technologies that have been around a while just not widely implemented, like water sensors for irrigation management. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, a camera reading, and different things that we can do to ensure that farmers are more productive and more efficient. So agricultural emerging is important one of our largest industry. And so anything that we do here at the eastern shore a wreck and certainly benefit everyone. And if we can be a leader in agriculture for introducing new technology to show and how they're applicable to State Farm. It's just something can increase profit or sustainability, improve soil health, or any of these other benefits that certainly will be wildly translate into the production system. The're on Delmarva, on the mid-Atlantic region and beyond.