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The Tidewater AREC focuses on row crops that help feed a growing global population

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The Tidewater AREC in Suffolk, Virginia, was established in 1914 and is committed to developing and delivering technology and educational programs that support profitable agriculture and improve the quality of life in the Tidewater area and the commonwealth, while preserving the natural resources. Research and Extension programs include row crop agronomy and pest management, as well as swine production.

Here, Todd water Agricultural research and Extension Center. We are what we call the row crop that we worked mainly with corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, sorghum, and any other row crop that may be introduced to the state that we've also done research and help production and dabbled in some other monocrop. In a big thrust of what we do is variety evaluate. Here at Cottonwood thing I'll relate the research station here for the lighthouse, beacon of credibility. Homer's food. Be able to count own research being done locally tan, prompts that they're growing in the road patients that they're rotating and has a degree of application, direct applications of what they're trying to accomplish. We want to be who the producer, pick them up and fall or call their agent. And that's what we, what we strive to be. As I mentioned. We have a unique opportunity being at a wreck ever out in the state or local to the client though, and that we can really work one-on-one with them most of our best with here at Watson possibility. We're located in the border regions, but we have faculty who routinely traveled to the piedmont Vallee to doubt. Yeah. The northern that thick enough research activity. We'd like our research program there that feed our to that conversion. And so what we tried to do is have to applaud research that we can apply that to real life. But your wife and for farmers to implement that practice that we're evaluating and research block. Our faculty participate in multi-state projects, national projects that impact not just Virginia crop production, but regional and international crop production systems. And our faculty do a great job at being viewed as leaders in their respective thoughtful.