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Ceramics students conclude semester with self-directed project

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Architecture 3514, a design-related media topics course, provides students with basic skills and techniques relating to photography, printmaking, watercolor and ceramics through hands-on experience.
This course is architecture 35, 14. It's a design-related media topics course. So in the School of Architecture plus design, architecture 35, 14 includes an entire group of courses that are meant to be really hands-on for the student. So ceramics as an example, printmaking, photography, watercolor, There's a digital media. There's a lot of offerings across the school in this topics designator mind specifically as ceramics. In the fall I offer a hand-built in class to this. Students do pinch pots, pops, lab pots, and we'll thrown pots each for a few weeks. And then at the very end of this semester, as some of the projects you saw today are the students trying to wrap up so they're picking a technique that's appropriate for the forum that they want to make. And they're really showing me that they've designed a pot that they can do the technical methods necessary to complete it and then get it all the way to completion through firing and pleasing. The course is open to anybody in the School of Architecture and Design. And then any folks who are maybe getting miners in industrial design or landscape architecture. So for the most part, it's architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and industrial design. Then it's required for our minor programs. So it's November the students are really working hard on all their design projects to finish up. The last project that we have in our ceramics class is a self-directed project. And so we would look at one pot and then we'd say what could be better, how could you make it different, or how could you go further? So a lot of times I'll take small pieces of clay and shape them for the students and then try them, show them the best techniques. And then their job is to interpret that technique and try and achieve whatever it is that they've drawn.