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Biological Sciences hosts first #VTBioWalk

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Biological Sciences hosts first #VTBioWalk
Assistant Professor Erin Hotchkiss and Professor Ignacio Moore, both of Biological Sciences, lead an excursion with undergraduate students from Derring Hall to the Duck Pond as they hosted their first #VTBioWalk.
We all know the past couple years have been pretty distance to in terms of how often we could interact with people in person. And so something that the Department of Biological Sciences, it's really been trying to do is connect with students, not just in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well. And so today we're going for a walk around the duck pond. We want to check out what's under the water, what's above the water. Have a chance to meet students and for students to connect with one another. So very informal, just opportunity to see the environment around us. Hopefully check out some cool animals. I'll, I really like learning more about things I see every day when I'm making the commute to campus. Just learning about the nutrients around. It says a part of my major, I'm interested in environmental restoration. And for me that means that includes the organisms that live in the environment, not just one aspect of environment such as water or no, bland. So part of my major is studying water and ecosystem health. But I also want to learn more about like organisms themselves and that part of biology. We want to bring anyone at any stage of experience, at any stage of curiosity about biology to the same place and to share things with them in a way that's accessible and interesting and non-threatening. Lot of times outdoors is not always a comfortable place for everyone because they haven't had a lot of outdoor experience. We often don't get a chance to see live in a laboratory or in the classroom. And so we really had several goals for today. The first is just to build belonging. The second is to have students come together with a range of different knowledge and outdoor experiences and have a chance to interact in an informal way and hopefully make some new friends with classmates and students and opportunities for research and professors times as well.