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Outdoor labs provide hands-on learning for CNRE students

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Category: academics Video duration: Outdoor labs provide hands-on learning for CNRE students
Alumni Distinguished Professor John Seiler and his dendrology lab students will be roaming campus and nearby parks and forests as they learn to identify woody plants. 
Who come on down on in here and everybody. All right. So we have a lot of oaks today with other things too, but there's sort of an oak lab today. Now, is that a red ocher, a wider? That's a good question. Today is Dan draw logy lab, which is basically tree identification. And so every lab is outdoors, about half on campus and we actually get to hit our total handout, this pond, Montgomery County Parks. And it's a foundational course. The analogy I always use like for medical doctors, it's kinda human anatomy. So wildlife students, the forestry students brought broad range and the college I'll take this so they know what they're looking at in the field. Whether they're doing a inventory for timber because certain species are valuable in certain art. Or sometimes they're doing what's called a wildlife habitat evaluation. And of course, the species are important for that as well because they like to nest in certain trees and they like to eat certain trees. So they're all basically learn and what are all the trees out there? It's a type of white. Oh, there's twigs that are green that are going to get purple. There's bugs that are green that are going to get, get read. Some will be reddish, green. You get really weird things. They're red and green twigs. And you know, the red color is always in the sunlit position. The shaded sides grain, sunny sides rent. It's known as being pretty difficult. It's a lot information you got to critically think. You can't memorize your way through this. I call it a love hate thing. There. They, they they love it but they hate it because it's hard.