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Meet Scientists Working at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

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Category: research Video duration: Meet Scientists Working at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute
From cancer cells to human behavior - learn about some of the fascinating, high-impact research that female faculty members at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute are working on.
In my lab we're interested in understanding how cells measure time. So we know that cells, they have many clocks inside and they use that clocks to synchronize very many of the processes inside the cell with, with environment. So we are interested in how the cell knows what time of the day is and how it connects time of the day with the function that they need to do in my lab is particularly interested in human performance in complex settings. So we do things like examines stress or examine AT team performance or leadership. We're particularly interested in how that works within the dynamic domain of healthcare. My research interests all around trying to help develop a therapy for children who have neuro motor impairment focused specifically on and can fit therapy and trying to develop more therapy that can help children met for my development, I'm really interested in how diet and the brain interact. So how do we navigate our modern food environment and make choices about what we're going to eat. And then how do the post ingestive consequences of those choices change our brains and maybe bias us to make different decisions later. My research is really focused on the mother-infant dyad and how moms influence brain development and their babies through how they take care of their babies, meaning how they feed them, how would they care for them? As well as how things like environmental exposures and community structure, all of those kinds of social determinants o