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College during COVID-19

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Students share how it feels being at Virginia Tech during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It feels really good being back on campus. I definitely method it. Really my family from how fun to be here and not completely online on they'll get that college experience. I'm taking classes about things that I care about. It's been really excellent. Or you go to class and a media laughter, start doing research or something like that. And so I have so much more time on my day to do things on that vocal finishes strong. Just sees hoping. We're really all trying our best to stay as safe as possible and take all this precautionary steps and do the best we can. It's a lot different of growing originally expected as freshmen, but why? Things happened, but it's still, it's still fine. We're still getting the education that is just being able to like be with other people at that stuck. In fact, my room. I don't party. I'm tired, bluffing and so nice and I really, I'm loving. It feels like and despite depend any girl kinda compliant with things such as nice to be here and focus on school. It's a new experience for me. I've never been that far away from home. I really wanted to whole college experience and her then I'm glad I came to camp it hard. You gotta be careful about everything. I think that we will get it going to be really exciting to be back on campus and be hugging our fellow Hopi's.